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Personal Portfolio website for Andrew Godwin. This website creates a professional creative medium to tell Andrew's career story, showcase his skills and professional work experience to future employers, business partners and the world.

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About Me / Resume:

Feel free to read about me, my professional background, skill sets and peruse my up-to-date resume. It would mean the world to me if you wanted to [ Contact Me. ]

We should see how I could come onboard and be one of the rockstar members of your team to help your organization beat those deadlines in a timely manner and achieve those business goals. Please view my [ Resume Here ]

Portfolio of Projects:

I really appreciate your time to browse through my Projects. You should catch a glimpse of my technical capabilities and grab an idea of my full potentials. [ Contact Me Here ASAP ]

Check out my github repo to see more of my projects. Please view my [ Github Repository Here ]


Read articles in the blogs / articles section to stay up-to-date with my writings. I will do my best make sure you read only the best researched and valid information. [ Visit Blog ]

Check out my [ Recommended Article ]


We are ever closer than you think. Please feel absolutely and totally free to get in touch with me through any medium that is most convenient and comfortable for you.
acebook, Twitter, Linked, kype, Zoom, email, direct phone call or even [ Web Form Here ]

about this portfolio website

This personal portfolio website was inspired by my past experiences in job interviews. I always felt embarrased, looking like a lost goat everytime I had an interview and my interviewer asked about my portfolio website where they could see my past projects, resume or perhaps read more about me. More so since I am an IT professional, there was no reason I should not have one.

I also felt I needed to improve some of my skills, so I enrolled, passed the application stage and got admitted into Holberton Software Engineering School, Cohort 11, to improve and learn new skills.

Fortunately and luckily for me, Holberton School has end of foundations research project called "Portfolio Project" in fullfilment of parts of the requirements to graduate.

I felt this is a great opportunity for me to create a professional and creative medium to showcase and tell my career story. And... time to shine in my next interview, so I gave it my all; hence, this website. This project is not only about Holberton School research project, it is real and live at

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